Project Details:

Location: 745 Fox Street, Bronx, NY

Owner or Developer: Lantern Organization, Inc

Architect: Urban Architectural Initiatives

Completion Date or Completed by Date: October 29, 2009

Type of Job: Landmark

Description of Project: A new 9 story fireproof building enveloping a 164 year old fully restored Landmark building designed by UAI Architects and sponsored by The Lantern Group. The new building consists of 95 energy efficient studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments intended for seniors and grandparents raising their grandchildren. It features two high speed Gen2 elevators, energy star appliances, a spacious lobby and a hi-tech video security system. The restored building contains meeting rooms, recreation rooms and social services offices. The project achieved LEED Gold status and includes a geothermal heating and cooling system as well as a green roof. Materials incorporated into this project originated from rapidly renewable resources or were manufactured from recycled products. Waste generated by the project was separated and recycled to further protect the environment.

Gibb Mansion

Project Details:

Location: 218 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Owner or Developer: Pratt Area Community Council

Architect: Beth Cooper Lawrence / K a i t s e n W o o A r c h i t e c t , P . C .

Completion Date or Completed by Date: June 15, 2003

Type of Job: Landmark

Description of Project: This project is built on the site of the Gibbs Mansion which was originally built by John Gibb, a wealthy merchant in the 1850’s. Over the years, it was used as an orphanage and a hotel, but eventually fell into disrepair and remained vacant for several years. Designated as a landmark, it was restored to its original grandeur by Bruno Frustaci Contracting and a new 5 story precast building was constructed behind it with a connecting bridge. The new building contains 71 service-enriched housing units developed for low-income community residents with chronic illness and/or in need of mental health support. The restored mansion contains social services offices, a library and internet room, cafeteria, nurses office, fitness center, workshops and meeting rooms. The project opened its doors in 2003, and in 2005 was awarded a preservation award by the Preservation League of New York State. Today, the mansion is alive again, serving as a meeting place for PACC programs, local organizations, and hosts gardening programs, affordable housing seminars and other programs.


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